About Us

Since falling in love with Make-Up at the age of 16 I bought my first Maybelline Foundation and I remember going to eBay and i saw this Motives contour kit. I remember not knowing anything about it so i asked there customer service and they told me how to contour and I still didn't get it. I also recall using a paper towel to apply make up I know crazy but I didn't really know how to to perfect make up until last year i think make-up has always been a defense thing as in when i was bullied make up always made me happy no matter what i was going through in life its like a Art/support group. I have a lot of great things to bring and i hope to make all of my customers happy. I wanted to make this Latino owned make up brand great for everyone Gay, woman, Man, Black, He, them, She, Latinas everyone should slay.





Niki Sanchez CEO of Niki Cosmetics